GameSub team consists of a very different people with one common goal – creating perfect Polish localisations for video games. We are gamers ourselves and we believe that thanks to our experience, cooperation and common sense we will be able to release translations of the best possible quality. And who are we exactly?

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Our story

It all started from an idea. At the end of September 2013, we believed it was time to create a group of our own – a group that would give fan-made localisations of video games a whole new dimension. The most important thing for us to achieve is the quality we would like to see in all Polish localisations of all titles.

Our motto is „less talking, more translating” which, combined with our many years’ experience and knowledge, is supposed to result in perfection – at least we hope it will. We are a team of people with a true passion and we want to combine business with pleasure.

Each and single one of us have been doing a lot of translation projects before. The variety of our experiences is of the essence – every team member was equally contributing to the final success of the projects we have been working on, regardless of the position of the person – translator, editor, graphic artist or a technology specialist. Everyone has an equally important influence on the final effect.

We will not tell you more because we prefer to create our history on an ongoing basis.