Polish translation for „Spelunky” is available

Polish translation for „Spelunky” is available

Hi there! We’re happy to inform you that we have finished translating Spelunky! It’s the first but not the last project of GameSub group. Spelunky is a climatic and easy to learn, but hard to master platform game which was first published in 2008 (its prototype is still available for free) by a one-man-studio called Mossmouth, owned by Derek Yu. Five years after the release, the game was republished and it gained two new modes – cooperation and deathmatch. Besides that, there are new areas to explore and graphics highly improved.

The player controls a spelunker equipped with ropes and bombs. Our task is to explore randomly generated levels while collecting treasures, beating the enemies, dodging traps and, from time to time, saving damsels in distress. The biggest advantage and difficulty of Spelunky is that all levels are randomly generated from scratch. The player needs to be prepared to think hard in order to maintain available goods. In HD version there are more levels to beat, traps to dodge, items to find and secrets to unlock.

During the game the player will encounter hundreds of enemies – both realistic (bats or spiders) and fantastic (yeti). Fortunately, bombs, shotguns or ancient artifacts are at player’s disposal so the player can make encounters a little bit easier. Visually-wise, the new version of the game presents itself very nice and it may remind us of oldschool platformers. Cooperation mode is a very important add-on to the game as it allows up to four players to explore the underground. The second added element is deathmatch, similar to the one in Bomberman. This mode is available also for one player – in that case the rest of the players is controlled by AI. You can download the Polish translation at Projects section or simply by clicking Download button below.

Pobierz “Spelunky” Spelunky-PL-v1.2.zip – Pobrano 3976 razy – 801 KB

PS. Screenshots might be a bit outdated.

Project Team:

  • Translation: Adrian Hołojuch
  • Proofreading: Jan „jasiek_barca” Marcinkowski
  • Graphics: vhs
  • Testing: Kamil „Sledziu_w” Kukla, vhs
  • Technical support: cienislaw