Ready, set, translate!

Finally, with a clear conscience, we can announce forming our new translation team – GameSub! Where did we come from? Well, we’ve been operational in the biz for some time now but we felt it was time we began something on our own… and so we did it!

The most important thing for us is translating games which haven’t been translated to our mother tongue – Polish – by developers but it doesn’t mean we’re going to limit ourselves to this and this alone. We aim to operate on broadly defined audiovisual works we hope to present you.

Our website is going to be available both in Polish and English language. Under our logo you will find social sites buttons which will help you track our activity on different communication channels.

Our motto is „Less talking, more translating” so we won’t bore you with anything else in our first post. Just for starters we are going to work on Spelunky game. We will publish Polish version in a few days.

Anything else? Just one more thing. Keep you fingers crossed for us! If you have any suggestions or questions to us, don’t hesitate to contact us through Contact us section.