Vampires Bite Back!

Vampires Bite Back!

So far, we’ve kept it a secret but there’s no point in doing that anymore. We proudly present yet another version of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines Polish Patch – this time it’s 8.6!

Just a few words of explanation – why did this project come up at GameSub? There’s no much to tell – this is my „one-man-project” and I’m his sole creator so the rule is simple – where I go, my project goes. I’m aware that some of you might have been confused with non-downloadable polonisation from its previous source. I’m really sorry for this but it was necessary – taking into consideration the circumstances. I still hope that Polish version of Unofficial Patch for VTMB still will be popular.

What’s new this time? All the changes from English 8.6 version, typos correction, a little bit different readme file and… that would be all. But! As some of you may know, cienislaw is preparing a whole new system of updating VTMB, thanks to which it will be easier for me to make changes in Polish version. In the near future, my project will be extended with a translation of fan mods. Which ones? We’ll tell you soon enough… it’s worth waiting for, though.

Feel free to download the next version of Polish Patch for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. You can download it from Projects section or simply by clicking the Download bar below. Please, do comment and ask about everything!

Pobierz “Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines” VTMBup86.rar – Pobrano 45849 razy – 239 MB


  • Translation and Proofreading: Jan „jasiek_barca” Marcinkowski
  • Graphics and Fonts: Wojciech „vhs” Wodzisławski
  • (soon) Technical Stuff: cienislaw